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Calming (tag: Kate) [June 29th, 2006]

"Shhh shh, Aaron, come on." Aaron had been crying for what seemed like hours, as Claire had tried everything she could think of to quiet him down. She'd lost his pacifier, and he wasn't hungry, he didn't need his diaper changed - so she was beginning to be very stressed.

"No, no--Please stop crying!" She finally pleaded with him, sounding on the verge of tears. She looked tired. Her hair was coming loose from it's thick braid, and her clothes were wrinkled because she'd slept in them--rather, hadn't slept. She'd gotten maybe an hour's sleep all night, because Aaron kept waking up and crying.
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New Members! [June 4th, 2006]

We have two new members: my friend will be playing Ana Lucia (toughas_nails), and her friend will be playing Libby (libathon). We're really glad to have you guys!

ALSO, I'm going to be making this journal friends only! I want to make sure everyone knows first, so when you read this, comment just to signify you got the memo. Thanks!
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Unravel my latest mistake. (Open to Libby.) [June 3rd, 2006]

No one can find the rewind button, girl. So cradle your head in your hands.

Tanned hands toyed with the antique militant knife, crafting some type of spear from a large and thick stick. There Ana Lucia sat, with a scowl on her rose hued lips, staring down at the piece of object and furiously carving away at it. It wasn't like Jack was going to bring her those little bottles of tequila and tonic the Latina had so utterly craved for.

It was over. Sawyer had the guns...and things just weren't as they seemed anymore. After wounding Shannon, hell, she didn't think anyone would give a shit about her anymore.

It was heart breaking...if they only knew the damn truth... if only.

It would bring joys to her if she could have just seen the little foot prints of her child someday... or the finger painting on paper... hell, even if he or she drew on the walls she doubted she'd give a shit.

"Call it art..." her voice rasped softly to herself, as she cut more of the wood harshly.
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Caught (Shannon/Claire) [April 21st, 2006]

It was early in the afternoon, and Claire was nowhere to be found. Not even Sun, whom Claire had asked to watch Aaron for an hour or so while she took a break, knew where she’d gone. Which was what she’d made sure of, walking for twenty minutes through the trees away from camp. She had wanted to be far out of hearing distance of the beach and the caves, and she knew that the little spot she’d found the other day was plenty far enough. It was a perfect spot, too; trees and unruly brush the height of herself blocked the clearing from view if anyone were to come from the direction of camp, in fact brush blocked it from view of any direction if she was sitting down. And within the brush was a clearing, probably eight feet wide and long. Plenty of room for her to lie down.

On the ground was a dark blue airplane blanket, covering the dirt. As Claire made her way through the brush into the clearing, watching her feet to avoid tripping, she stepped onto the blanket and kicked off her sandals. She sat down, brushing her long, silky light blonde hair behind her shoulders. She glanced around out of nervous habit, ensuring that no one had followed her. She then shook her head, as if shaking her anxiousness from her mind, and proceeded to lie down on the soft blanket. She’d worn a dark blue tanktop, and over it a white and blue zip-up sweater to keep her arms from being cold—in case it started getting dark as she headed back for camp. More importantly, she’d made sure to wear light blue track pants with snaps down the sides. The pants hung from her slim hips loosely as she settled into a comfortable position.

Crystal clear blue eyes closed, and for a moment she was still, only her chest rising and falling slowly and calmly. Then, the hands that rested on her stomach slid down across the bare skin between where her shirt ended and her pants began, reaching the smooth silky fabric of her pants.

((ooc: If you'd like to post now, you can, but don't have her make herself known yet. Or, if you'd rather, I'll finish this a little later))
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[March 11th, 2006]

The OOC comm has been created: lostfemmesooc

Original, right? From now on, post OOC over there. I will be putting up an application post and rules, etc. I'd like you guys to do the app even though you've been accepted, so we all know contact info, etc.
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Re: Unbelieveable [March 11th, 2006]

I hate journal writing. All I need is a paper trail...even on this place. I still don't feel safe. Something unexpected happened this morning. None of us really slept, given yesterday's chain of events....little things like being on the way to the Iowa Federal pen, and having the plane falling apart beneath you.

So here I am, the smell of burning fuel and salt air mingles together. I wake up...from all of two seconds of sleep, towards the early morning...and I see her sunbathing, not 35 feet from the fuselage. I think I must be dreaming, but I'm not. She's like the girls from the other side of the tracks where I grew up in Iowa. One of the rich kids, the ones that'd try to kick your ass, but only in groups. She's in a bikini and from the looks of it found suntan lotion somewhere. The handsome skinny "pen" guy from yesterday, occasionally runs by giving her a dirty look. The surreal Donny and Marie show.

It makes me feel funny somehow, butterflies in my stomach, when she turns over in the bright sunlight. Where I come from...these feelings would get you banned from just about everything. Hell,...not that after blowing Wayne (dear Dad) into fragments, I was Miss Popularity.

Forcing myself to stare then out at the water the waves free to go wherever the hell they want, with no one telling them what to do. Trying with all my might not to look back at her, especially though, to make certain that no one sees.

How am I still alive? How are any of us?! My buddy is laying over there with a piece of shrapnel in his side...

I start walking down the beach, side glance towards her. She's absolutely beautiful.

Keep walking Austen...just keep walking.
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RPing [March 9th, 2006]

Hello --is the Rping still open?

If so...I would love to be Kate?
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